Laserman X first came out in 2011 on Bali’s most elite scenes, bringing out a new exciting performance that stimulates the senses and mind into a futuristic journey ride.

International audience all over Asia in popular places such as Five Stars Hotels had been amazed by the first show we created. By defining the law of physic, Laserman X has no boundaries on manipulating the lights with powerful laser and complex 3D volumetric effects.
All procedures of the act from creation, production and performance had been enhanced to bring the most impactful show on Laser Technology in the new era of futuristic entertainment.

Taking the light in his hands, Laserman X will bend, spins, splits it into two and even beams it to mirror dancers where the reflection will bring out spectacular colors of lights to delight the eyes of the audience where the show can be closed by bringing logos or messages which clients can request beforehand.

Our mission is to bring magic, dreams, illusion and perfection into one complete show, full of entertainment and wonder with our regular or special event show especially created to fit each of our client’s requests.